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Newly registered forum member here. For some reason I am unable to post anything at all in the registry forum so I am doing it here instead.


In the set registry I was trying to add a note to one of my sets but it is in an old holder that doesn't have a modern certification number on the back of the holder and the registry will not accept the number that it does have which is longer and doesn't have a dash before the last 3 digits like the newer numbers have. How do you circumvent this problem and get the note added to your set?


Also one of the notes I entered was rejected because it said that someone else had already registered the note. I have owned this note for over 3 years and can prove ownership. How long does it take to get the note released to me as it's already been 4 days and I'm still waiting.




*Edit* my post has been moved to this proper forum now.


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