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Hello all new here but just was stumped with this one, has anyone ever seen the likes of this note.This is German MPC of 1942 1 Pfenning M32. It has two hand stamps on the back. The first is German of course, and rough translation is: German Army Greece(land) @ top the bottom references a political authority and Mentions Saloniki-Agais (Ageian) The Red stamp is Greek (to me!!) of course and I can pick out the in Greek Macedonia. Germany occupied Greece in WWII from 1941 to 1944. Any help about this would be wonderful.



I have no way to upload the pictures please email me and I can send them direct

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These were issued in Greece by the German army. They are listed under Greece in the Pick catalog. They should have the two handstamps you identify.


A word of caution, however. The notes with the Greek handstamps were considered scarce and brought much more money than those without. Examples with faked handstamps have entered the marketplace.

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