My First Submission to PMG

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Be sure to double check your items before you seal the package. Seal it WELL!!

I send mine via Priority Mail 2-day delivery with appropriate insured amount. Which priority mail package really depends on how many notes. Just be sure to protect your notes with heavy duty cardboard or "something" to keep package from being bent. Keep your receipt from the post office, just in case. Once it's been received by PMG you can log into the site and follow along in the process from Received to Shipped. You will receive an email from PMG advising when they shipped and also an email with a Grading Summary. Good luck!


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Bob, in that case you could probably use the Flat Rate Envelope. I've used it and I just packaged the notes and paperwork in business sized envelope then secured it between two pieces of cardboard. Worked like a charm.

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