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Well, I went back three years and did not find a thread about non-U.S. radar notes, so I decided what the heck. Here's a few of mine, first two I've had for over 20 years and finally decided to do something about them. Hope ya'll enjoy and will contribute.














That's enough for now :)

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I'm not really a coin or currency guy but I used to work for Heritage in their comic book department and a few things eventually rubbed off on me. One of them was radar notes and now after years of dutifully looking at my money I may have finally found one:



This is one of the new style 100 yuan banknotes (which are already being counterfeit with some success!). The first four numbers in red can be any combination of letters and numbers so I am discounting them, they are kind of a prefix to the actual digits of the serial number. I think the mirrored final 6 numbers qualify this as a genuine "radar" note, right? What do you think? Please advise.

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