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Help Needed.

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I'm pretty new to this stuff, so any help would be much appreciated.

The 1862... The only "Series 1" I was able to find was a FR-17. The serial number on the left is in a different spot than the other 17 on Heritage. Not sure how to differentiate between the 16, 16a, 17, 17a but the period after 1862 in relationship to the (N)ote matches the 17. I would call this note a 40+/45



The National Ace... cant find anything on Heritage matching it... I don't have the Kelly book (it will be my next purchase). I would call this note an 50+.


Do I have to worry about authenticity on any of these?





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The most common 1862 $1 Legal Tender counterfeit is serial 40617. Your notes looks to be perfect candidates for authentication and grading. If they were mine, I would send them to a reputable third party grader.....PMG is one of the best. They would also help to identify between Fr.16, 16a, 17 and 17a.


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Thanks for the input!


I did find out this Evansville note is the only one in the Kelly Census (found this on the CD that came with the book)... it was listed on there as an XF, so my grading is off on these... which would have to make the 1862 a VF.


These will be off to one of the top two this week... haven't decided on which yet.


I'm 99% sure I was able to narrow the 1862 $1 to an FR-17a. I was hoping being the Series 1 that it would be the 17, as the 17 that sold on Heritage was also a Series 1... But this has the monogram mid-right, while the 17 does not.


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They look like nice high end notes.


The national could be quite rare: http://www.nationalcurrencyvalues.com/1865-1-dollar-merchants-national-bank-evansville-989-indiana.html


Only five large size known from that bank, Lynn Knight had a few sales at around $3K, around 2000, but they were probably the same note (XF45). It could be worth lots more now, though the market for nationals peaked in 2008 (Flynn sale). One thing I don't get is the charter# doesn't seem to match that bank....


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The 1862 Greenback could be worth good money, get it certified for the $40 or so and you should do well with it on ebay or auction.

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Hi I am the owner of nationalcurrencyvalues.com


They are both authentic of course... The Merchants of Evansville is gorgeous... It is in the census and marked as a Kelly illustration note.


I would suggest to the owner that rather than the big two auction companies he should take a look at Manifest auctions. I find they have the best rates and they bring the same collectors to the table.







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