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1975 Canadian $50 HB Replacement Note

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It's been awhile since I have posted here. I have sold thousands of comics to members here in the past, but I haven't posted anything in the money section yet. I am currently in Canada for a couple more days and when I was exchanging some USD for CAD paper money I received an old style 50 dollar bill. Once I got here I showed it to my girlfriend who never seen one that looked like it before so we looked it up.


Its from 1975 and it looks like this:


I can show actual one at a later date.


One thing I noticed on a site was a have some replacement version where the first two characters in the serial begin with HB. I haven't seen much info on it, but I came across a place saying the HB version was worth more than certain other types. Info gotten from here: http://www.coinsandcanada.com/banknotes-prices.php?banknotes=Canadian_banknotes_from_1969_to_1975&id_cat=17&id_denom=9


Going by how I used to grade comics, I would say this bill is in VG condition.


Anyway, I was wondering if people here more knowledgeable be able to tell me any more info about this bill and how much it would be worth considering the fact I said it was VG quality and a replacement version with the HB serial. I have no clue how updated the site I linked is along with those prices for worth.

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Well, first of all the note pictured is of course not a *HB replacement note. Your note appears to be catalog BC-51b (Canadian Government Paper Money, 27th edition) Value in this reference is about $50 in grades VG thru VF; then a small premium as the grade progresses.

Nice note and a keeper if you are a collector.

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Your note is catalog BC-51a; with 2 letter serial prefix ( HB ). The $50 replacement note you referenced would have serial number ( *HB ) prefix and then the actual numerals.

The catalog for it would be BC-51aA. and note would look like this:


Approximate values: VF-$150; EF-$225;UNC-$700; and so forth. Remember these are published catalog values and market conditions vary. Hope this has been of some assistance to you.

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Ahh I see. Thank you I didn't realize that asterisk actually had to be on there. I thought that was telling me the HB replaced the first two digits not that the asterisk was part of it. Guess I can just spend this one then. Figures my 2 letters happened to be HB lol

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