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Forgive me if this question seems naive, however I have never dealt with graded currency so I am very new to this.


There are currently TWO bills on eBay which are both 1935A Hawaii Star $1 bills. They are BOTH graded as PMG 25, Very Fine. However, it would appear (with my untrained eye) as though one of them is in MUCH, MUCH better condition than the other one. Am I missing something?


Shouldn't the one with less defined creases (serial number ...316A) be graded higher than the one with the extremely visible creases and discoloration (serial number ...041A)?


Again, I am about as new to this as you can get, but I am trying to learn.





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Very similar condition notes.

The lower serial number star, *70321316 has brighter lighting that makes the paper look cleaner.

For the difference in price, I would buy the lower numbered star.


Back in the day, I paid $850 for this one.



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