Where can I find High Resolution Images of Banknote Engravings

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As a new collector of currency, I've become enamored of the amazing artwork engraved on banknotes before 1928, and a few examples since then. I've built a "book" of banknotes I want to collect because of the engravings on them. But to get amazing images, I have to buy very high-quality banknotes at very high prices.


I have, however, been able to build a file of high-resolution images of many of the notes I want, obtaining them online from files provided by the Bureau of Engaving & Printing. However, that set of available notes is incomplete.


So, I'm ALSO trying to compile a set of Images of the Engravings themselves, in high resolution. To that end, I've found a few online, and have purchased as many books as I've found to get more, and plan to scan those which are of sufficient quality. I've also purchased a number of Re-prints of Engravings, both antique and new.


Yet, after all that, I still want more images of high-resolution.


Does anyone have any ideas where I might find a Treasure Trove of them?

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