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silver certs. posted by zachary blevins

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im a early teenage collector that has a great interest in silver certificates and old us notes and a lot of coinage. i have always enjoyed collecting and have a lot of knowledge on the subject.


i have recently added a 1928 B one dollar silver cert to my collection of 15 regular funny backs and know poses 123 notes total i have 30 1935 one dollar silver certs and around 20 1957 silver certs a few blue seal fives and a couple blue seal 10s one blue seal 20 and an older 100. i have 4 one dollar huwaii notes and one africa emergency note. I've got 5 red seal 2s and i have acquired around 30 morgan silvers and a one centavo phillapino edition small s us coin booked for 150 i picked up for 2 bucks at my local flea market


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