$125 in star notes

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Im a coin collector not a currency collector I just found these in circulation and was wondering if I should spend them or if there is any premium for them .

$100 bill star note

$20 star note

(5) $1 star notes


The $100 bill is series 2009A serial number LL05192818*

It has two minor bends from being in a wallet and a crease that goes a quarter the way down on the top left corner.

The $20 bill is series 2006 serial number is IG04306053*

The bill has several creases with one creaseline to the right of jacksons face.

(3) $1 bills are series 2006 serial numbers J02413382*, F04665820*, J02680888* all in average shape

$1 bill series 2003 serial number G07916723* very worn

$1 bill series 2003A serial number C02145487

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The wife and I save star notes as a way of putting some extra cash away. We have over 3 grand in circulated notes. I was always under the impression if they are circulated they are worth face value. 2/3 years ago I went into a local bank and a teller had 300 brand new 1.00 notes. Still have them to this day.

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