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Possible false claim on $1000 bill

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This thread was posted over at the Pcgs forums:




It looks like possibly the seller had something to do with the $1000 note not arriving at its intended ebay destination. Why? Because of how the note was "stolen". Plus when contronted he said this:


"Why was your photo cropped from the image on this website? http://www.buyuscurrency.com/notes/files/2211L/fr-2211L-1934-1000-L00011961A-thecurrencyhouse.php


"I don't own a scanning machine and don't know anyone who does. I'll admit it wasn't my photo, I had the same series and light green seal note in the same looking condition but not officially graded. I wasn't sure how else to list my note without professional equipment and my local coin shop offered a lower price than I would have been offered on ebay. I realize this may have caused a bit of a problem but that's the only time I've done it, and won't do it again."




From the seller:


"I see there are some accusations of there never being a note in the package; that is understandable but seeing how this caused both of us some headaches, and I likely may never be compensated by usps or only get a partial refund out of it, not too logical on my part. Not all insurance claims end up with a happy customer. Also considering I just gave ebay 10% transaction fee ($170) and will likely be wasting weeks of my time contacting usps to come up with a reimbursement.


"I wouldn't just list something and ship an empty package. $1,700 is a lot to eat; and for low volume sellers that is almost too much to eat. Besides, I've sold thousands of dollars worth of silver coins, Morgan Dollars, Franklin half dollars, etc, and all arriving safely to my buyers. Plus these are items I enjoy far more than paper notes.


"About that "fantastic deal" that supposedly raises red flags to others, I actually got this note for face value years ago. I made money on it. But now I don't want to hold onto many of the things I've owned for a while.


"And I own the other items I just listed, by the way.


"Just wanted to clear that up. Folks can believe what they like to believe. Selling coins for 2 years or longer and have never dealt with his before."

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