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Scott Linquist on Condition Census notes

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Mr. Lindquist who advertises on the PMG site recently mentioned that some notes that he had on his site, that were near condition census for the issues went way over his retail list prices at auction:


"We have been very busy and the auction world has been quite exciting of late. Some of the Gregory notes we had on the site for better part of a year went in auction for considerable amounts above our listed 'retail' prices. See Fr. 1860-A, PMG67 and 1880-B* in 64EPQ which both sold for 30% over our website list prices since top pop collectors of PMG material opened their wallets and bid aggressively at the Central States Heritage Auction."


That is a good lesson on how such condition census items need to run in a major auction where they will get the necessary visibility. Also he said he will no longer be working with the publisher for his books on small size notes, etc.:


"I have come to the decision that I will no longer be working with F&W publishing in any capacity, and that ultimately means I will not be working on any future editions of the Standard Guide to Small Size as the price and content editor/author. What the publisher will do in the future is anyone's guess.


"I have worked on over a half dozen of the last SGSS editions, the first three gratis, and have always openly shared all the new information that I discovered. All of my expertise and combined knowledge will always reside in the 10th edition. It can and will continue to offer knowledge on relative small-size price and rarity until something better comes along. Since I don't control any aspect of the SGSS, I am not sure even now if the publisher ever plans to do another edition. So who knows what the future holds, but I think it is bright and crisp for small size in general. In the meantime, since I am not dead, you can continue to send me your update information and I will be sure it gets into the proper hands. Eventually, perhaps a book with one other expert or collector with myself as co-author, a new, better, small size book will be published. These are incredible tasks for very little and usually no economic gain so if anyone asks me when the next book is coming out I am sure you understand why I will not reply.


"And if you are a customer, as all whom receive this email are, or at least were, then my expertise is merely a phone call or an email away and it is literally up to the minute, current. I plan at some point when the weather up here deteriorates, which is frequently, to put the story of how I got involved in the Small Size Guide ​ on my News and Updates page​ . The answer as to why I got involved ​may be​ quite interesting ​ to some​." http://forums.collectors.com/messageview.cfm?catid=23&threadid=919430

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