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Catalog Number

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Hi, I am very new to all this so please excuse my very amateur question!


I am trying to submit notes to PMG for grading. On the form it says to list the Catalog #. I have the following two catalogs "Standard Catalog of World Paper Money General Issue 1368-1960 12th Edition by Cuhaj" and Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Modern Issues 1961-Present 15th Edition by Cuhaj".


My question is, what numbers are the actual "catalog number" that I need to list on the form? I see single, 2 digit, and 3 digit numbers before all the notes listed but they are not unique. I'm confused!


Also, how does PMG know which catalog I am using for reference?



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Hi, Welcome to the forum.


If you are a member of NGC or PMG then go to This Link


Once there, start with the type of note it is. FRN, National Note, Silver Certificate, Gold Certificate, etc.....


When you have the proper category you should be able to find the denomnation and year... One of the keys to getting the Catlog # correct is the signatures on the note.


You can find the signatures by clicking the little green icon to the far left and that pops up a window giving that info.



Compare your notes signatures with what different ones there were.


I hope that made sense. :grin:



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Hi wdrob! Thanks for your reply!


I got everything up until the signatures part.


I am trying to find the catalog number for a 1939 Palestine 5 Pound note.


I found two numbers in the catalog, PAL8c and PAL8x


The difference between these two are the signatures description.


PAL8c says: ", - Printer: TDLR"

PAL8x has nothing listed under signatures.


What does ", - Printer: TDLR" mean? How do I know whether to use PAL8c or PAL8x?


Thanks again!

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I am sorry but I know absolutely nothing about foreign currency and very little about American currency.


Maybe someone that can answer that will jump in here and come to the rescue. There are some very knowledgeable currency collectors here but they may not show up every day.


Good Luck.


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