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Currency dealer robbed

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At the Parsippany show Sunday I heard of a currency dealer robbed last month of $800K of inventory, I did speak with the dealer to verify the story but did not get his name and have not seen a list of the notes stolen. Does anyone have a link to this crime?


I spoke to a major show dealer today (Feb.5) who said the robbery happened leaving the Westchester show Saturday night on January 18th.

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Information of the theft was posted at the PCGS forum:




Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary





A currency dealer, Bob Gambois, on his way home after a attending the recent White Plains New York Coin Show was the victim of a vehicle burglary which resulted in the loss of over $500,000 in collectible currency. The suspects smashed the windows of the vehicle and removed briefcases containing the dealer's inventory.





The following is a partial list of stolen currency:



$15,000. Face in $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes from 1963 to 2009

400 $2 FRNs from 1976 to 2009 Stars & Blocks

$10,000. Face in $5 Feds from Series 1928-C to 2006

$12,000. Face in $10 Feds from Series 1928-A to 2004-A

$15,000. Face in $20 Feds from



Series 1928 to 2013

$18,000 Face in $50 Feds from 1928 to 2006

$2,500 Face in $100 Feds from 1928 to 2009

83 pieces of $2 Legal tender from 1928 to 1928-G in varying grades from F to Gem

70+/- pieces of $2 Legal Tender from 1953 to 1963-A

25 FRBNs all Grades and Districts & Denominations

20 Hawaii all Denominations

15 No. Africa All Denominations

400 to 500- $1.00 Silver Certificates (95% UNC)

150- $5.00 Silver Certificates (80% UNC)

20- $10 Silver Certificates


Thousands of fancy Numbers- all denominations




A list is being compiled by the victim which will contain serial numbers on the majority of missing notes.




Anyone with information should contact:






Doug Davis





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