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Collecting coins vs notes

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Can't collect coins without eventually collecting notes.


Well I've collected coins since elementary school as did most of us; yes with the blue Whitman folders. I stopped collecting in high school when I discovered girls and muscle cars. I married my first girlfriend and still own my first muscle car, oh and still married to my first wife. I had to include muscle because my actual first car was a Toyota corolla.

I started collecting currency in 2012 at the other TPG just to see the difference. And WOW what a difference. I begged and bribed PMG to cross over my notes but that's not available. Since I have mostly top pops with 16 being single finest I can't really send them in on a chance that they'll make the grade. Just this year I started a signature set and a few competative sets here at PMG though they'll never be award winners I've found it very interesting. I'm starting with just sheets of 4 and 8, the largest PMG currently encases though I've seen older sheets of 12 certified by PMG. The chat boards on the PMG side may not be as active as on the coin side but the helpfulness, kindness and respectful answers and willingness is strong. In 2012 there just didn't seem to be many PMG notes available but now when looking at the auction catalogs it's about 50 - 50. I also like the fact that NGC & PMG are the same company. That's not the case with PCGS and PCGScurrency; the currency division was sold off a few years ago as it wasn't making the money that parent company had hoped. Collectors universe is a publicly traded under the symbol CLCT on the NASDAQ. One would think with share holders PCGS would try harder but that's not the case. After submitting coins and currency to both places I can say NGC is clearly superior in every aspect and they don't even pay dividends to anyone. So my point is when you start your currency set don't make the same mistake I made; use PMG. Lastly, the auction prices are the same for either grader in currency unlike with coins. Yes, I've read and been told by several people why the price differences in coins and I can't explain it, understand it or care.


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