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What Collecting really means? by abadernest3312

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It's not just a hobby to spend ones free time on. Now coin, currency and comic collecting has become quite a profitable way of life for many professional collectors. It doesn't matter what you like to collect it can be any of the three listed. If one knows what he or she is doing it's not only hobby it could actually turn into a very profitable home business.


I started collecting things ever since my father gave a bright shinny Morgan Dollar. I never seen one before so I was completely dazzled by the luster that the spinning coin projected as the sun's light hit coin while I was moving it up and down to observe the different effect that I could come up with the shiny Morgan Dollar.This was begging of Collecting hobby. I practically collected everything that I thought was beautiful. And I saw beauty in almost everything that i can see. Then as my collection grew because I was simply enjoying everything that I have collected from coins to currencies, from marbles to rubber bands top me they all have theirs own distinct personalities. But why do we collect things is it because we are afraid that they would run out if we didn't have enough of them? If one is good then maybe have ten or twenty of them is even better. So when does it end? When we then say to ourselves there I have collected my very last piece of coin. I am done with coin collecting, but we know that it couldn't be that easy. We know that sooner of latter we won't be able to stop collecting things because deep down inside us we really know why we are collecting for. Whenever a child get to see some of my coin, currency and specially my comic collection I see it in their eyes that they were thanking me for collecting these wonderful things that the child was feasting their eyes on. That when I totally realize that I wasn't really collecting for myself or for my home business. I was actually collecting for the children of the future so that they too would someday be able to gaze their eyes on that same beautiful coin luster of that very first Morgan Dollar that was given to me when I was still a child as well. .



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