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Best banknotes storing option?

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I wonder what is the best notes storing method?

on one hand the note paper should ultimately be kept in the best condition (e.g. PMG encapsulation).

on the other hand the collection should be represented nicely..


usually, I hold non encapsulated notes in a nice leuchtturm (lighthouse) album.

by this way, one can browse easily the album and view the notes sequence.

However, once I have a graded note - it is encapsulated. Then it is very difficult to include in the album, as the encapsulation plastic 'press' the other notes, due to its thickness.


Anyone? idea how to solve this?


I do not wish to keep them separated, as I would like to maintain the date / series sequence.





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Hi Jim


Thanks for the reply.


I use the Optima system, but I think it can be combined with the Grande (if indeed the Grande solves the situation).


My Q: even while using Grande, don't you have the situation that the encapsulated notes give pressure on the non encapsulated one (due to the form of the encapsulation and its thickness)?



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So far I have not seen that as a problem. I know many others do the same.


I store my books upright, so there is no pressure on them except when I lay them flat to look at them.


Are you putting more than one note per pocket?


I know the encapsulated notes are thicker in the book, but you just adjust the number of pages to a fewer number so as to not overfill the book.


I guess I am having trouble visualizing your problem.

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Thanks Jim.


Indeed, I wanted to to keep the subject (country) in one book, which probably created this situation.


I will try to split the book into two, so pressure will be less.


that will also encourage me to further buy more notes as I will have more space :)

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