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I am looking up the 1935 G $1 Silver Cert No Motto Located Right Here.


The problem I am having identifying this note is that there are multiple releases of the 1935 G - BJ Block:


1935G 1616R1

1935G 1616R2

1935G 1616R3

1935G 1617



Can anyone help me in determining where to distinguish the release version since I do not see any thing that would differentiate the various releases.


Thanks for any help available.



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1935G 1616R1 Serial #'s B54000001J thru B71000000J Run 1 17,000,000 printed

1935G 1616R2 Serial #'s B71000001J thru B71640000J Run 2 640,000 printed

1935G 1616R3 Serial #'s B72000001J thru B99999999J Run 3 28,000,000 printed

1935G 1617 series 1935G With Motto


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Thank you Steve.


I finally got straightened out by posting the question ATS. I was able to determine from the information there as well as your info provided that I have nothing of value.


They make that kind of hard to understand in the manner they have it posted on PMG. You folks made it easier to understand.




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