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Got only 11 left to get


I was gonna try to make it a complete 63 epq set but looks like that's not happening I have 2 of them I got before I knew about the epq. So from here on out it is going to be either be 63 or 64 EPQ. I seriously doubt u will get any higher than that cause I am paying less than $200 a bill. I haven't so far so lets see how far u get.


I am hoping to get a few more by years end. We will see


Happy hunting

Billy Blaze


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Yes I have it down to 7 left


Most of these Ib am.find in the high $200 low $300 area so to find these last 7 under $200 will be challenging in the grade I want . But I am sure I will find them it will just take time.


Might move on another set and/or start a new one I like the colonials but mot sure yet gonna. Wait to tru to build this one out

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