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Found in a drawer - Anything good?

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I'm not sure if I should break this up into 5 different posts or a single post.


My dad passed away about 10 years ago. Now, my mom is moving into a smaller house. As I was helping her move, I found an old storage cabinet in the basement. Inside of it was a small lockbox that contained some paper money and coins. A lot of the currency and coins were in circulated condition (or worse). I'm going to post a few of the better pieces of the currency here and maybe someone can tell me if any of it is worth much more than face-value.


1963A $2 United States Note


Hi-res image 2.3mb


Hi-res image 2.4mb




1976 $2 Federal Reserve Note - First Day of Issue. There were 5 of them, sequential (my scanner could only fit 4 together). They were stored in a USPS envelope.


Hi-res image 3.1mb


Hi-res image 2.9mb


Hi-res image 3.8mb




1990 $100 Federal Reserve Note


Hi-res image 2.2mb


Hi-res image 2.4mb




1918 $1 Federal Reserve Note


Hi-res image 3.1mb


Hi-res image 2.9mb




1957A $1 Silver Certificate - Star Note


Hi-res image 2.3mb


Hi-res image 2.3mb




Can anyone tell me anything exciting about any of these notes?

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The $2 1976 Notes .... Not much interest there. From what I understand you can still get those fresh and crisp from some banks.


The $100.00 .... I don't think there is any major importance here but I am new in this Paper Money area.


The 1957 A $1 Star note is fairly common in Gem.




Now the one that is going to generate much interest not only here but anywhere I would think will be the $1916 Note, however, I am not very knowledgeable on them but I see that the one you have displayed is not in bad shape what so ever.


Now we will let the experts weigh in.



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Raisethis2 may very well be right as to that Cleavland note. I browsed a bit on ebay and it seems that the ones I remember selling for any great amount of money did seem to be in better shape and already certified and graded as well.


However This Listing Here is for one that is not exactly like yours (you can look yours up HERE and see exactly which note you have and how it relates in population in regards to others you see being auctioned off) but keep in mind that the eBay link I provided, doing a quick search, had not received any bids yet.


A person can ask whatever they want but you wouldn't want to base anything off what the owner thinks. I will go back and look at your note and see if I can give you the actual note number. But what you have to do is click on each one of those note numbers (without the asterisks) and look for the four signatures of which only three I can make out, Teehee, Baxter, Burke, and ????? But he was the Govenor at that time so you ought to be able to research that if you can't read it either. I can't make that one out but when you find the note you will know it. Then there should be some realized auction figures there for you to base it's value upon at any given grade.


Good luck and I hope that helps you out.


****Edit: I think it might be this one: # 718 Teehee, Burke, Baxter, Fancher ...That might be what that last name is.



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Thanks so much for responding. You've helped me start to understand currency collecting. It's something that I think I'm going to keep up with. Now I have a few more questions.


If I join PMG as a paid member, it looks like the difference between Associate and Premium is 5 free submissions. The price difference is $86, so that means the "free" submissions cost $17.20 a piece, although I have to submit all 5 notes at the same time.


The collection has a few more of the red & blue seal notes, around 30 notes total. Most of them are in the about the same condition as the ones I posted above.



  • Assuming I joined PMG at the premium level, would it make sense to submit any of these notes at the $17.20 "free" submission fee?
  • I also noticed that PCGSCurrency is having a special on red & blue seal notes, $12 submission fees. I could join there instead and submit these for $12. Would any of these be worth a $12 submission fee?
  • I am planning on joining one of PMG or PCGSCurrency. The major advantage I see to PMG is that joining there also allows me to submit to NGC. Does membership in PCGSCurrency give submission privileges to PCGS for coins?

  • Does it make sense to join both NGC/PMG & PCGS?


Edit to add:


Trying to do some research online, and it looks like PCGS & PCGSCurrency are two different companies with different owners. PCGS Currency does not appear on the Collector's Universe website. Joining one does not give you submission privileges to the other.


That seems to make me think that PMG is the way to go, IF any of these are worth submitting. I like the idea of submission privileges for both coin and currency since I now have a bit of both.

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I have no idea.


This I will stay away from since I am only a member of PCGS and NGC. What other benefits that come with those memberships I have not checked on.


My only intent was to show you where the water trough was located. You have to choose which side to drink from.


Sorry I could not be more help than I was.


Now where are those experts when you need one?

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Hey Jim would that figure you gave be before being graded and just raw like it is? Or was that figure based on your opinion of what it would grade out to be in the end and after placed in a holder?







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