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Fancy Back 1890 Treasury Note Finishes Collection posted by GSA_Gem_Quest

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Happy New Year! Moving on to 2013.


I am very pleased to announce today that my $1 large-size currency type-set is now complete, and I am also the first registry participant to achieve a 100% complete set in that category. My set won't win any awards for points, but it did win an award a few years back for best presented set. At the time, the set was still missing a few notes. I feel better about the award now that it is complete.


I finished the set by adding the 1890 $1 Treasury or Coin note (Fr. 349) with Edwin Stanton on the face and the ornate fancy back. One of my favorites and a hard one to find, the note is ranked at #83 in the book "100 Greatest American Currency Notes" by Q. David Bowers.


I was in no rush, but even so, it took me almost five years to put together this set. It was a lot of fun along the way, but I am glad to be finished too. Now time to move on.


Please take a look at:



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