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Opening an online Store soon, need some information regarding old currency.

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I'm opening an online store for movie props that caters to the professorial and the indie film makers. One Category will be U.S Currency from 1800s - Current. The money will be printed on the day of the order for how much they're needing..


I've seen a lot of movies (i'm sure you have to that too) that have very bad quality prop money and with the first glance you can tell it's fake and i've seen money that was really good quality prop money, but know damn well it was all fake because there is know why they will turn these actors loose with all this valuable money.


I Looking to find out away to do this legally and have away where that unwary collectors can spot this prop money and know it's fake without actually putting the word "FAKE" in great big bold letters..


Anyone know what to do to print money, to make it legal to use as movie props? i cannot find any information besides people trying to sell me currency props.


I've emailed BEP.gov two weeks ago and haven't heard anything back.

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I've asked around Movie making forums like indie talk and got a mixed response with most people saying prop money must be Black and white, but i've seen many movies with very good quality prop money in color. But i'm confused on older currency the ones listed...


The older currency prop money is where i get a mixed response from


These images are from members here.









I Would think by taking a bill like this in Photoshop, changing the serial number and add this.


"This certificate is not legal tender and cannot be used in payment for any debts public or private this is a movie prop certificate."


And adjusting the color slightly and size slightly would be okay for movie props?

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