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Understanding the "CGC Rules" posted by TOM NOVAK

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Just a rant, on understanding CGC's rules, nothing more nothing debateable.


So I recently sent in my cupon for my 4 issues to be graded for joing up with CGC and I'll be honest that was one of the many things which attracted me to joining up.

So I'm looking through my comics and I knew I wanted to have some of the books I got signed by some pretty awesome artists @ this year's Boston Comic-con graded, so I start the paper work and I'm like cool maybe they quailfy for the "sigunture series" which I was informed was not possible... to which I was like "WTF" then I read the rules again and figured ok, their play ground their rules, EVEN Though it was @ a con that CGC was working I found out that someone from their company needs to be there to sign off on as a wittness... Which Was kinda of a bummer epsically when you think about getting excited about down the road showing someone your signed copy of ______ comic only to find out it would just get a "Green" label asaposed to "Gold" to which after a while I was like "Enh" screw it, as I know it was signed,and It not like I'm getting the books graded to sell, I mean in all honesty, If I get a book graded It's going in the Safe Deposit Box with the rest of my important stuff... I just had to go " WTH,Ok Whatever" Well looks like I'm going to abuse this.


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