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The Eagle has Landed

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... or I acquire my first Black Eagle $1 SC

Currency Journal for July 28, 2012


After years of eyeing the Black Eagle notes, I finally grabbed one! I have always watched as these notes brought well over $100 in auctions, regardless of condition. Recently on eBay, I watched as some PMG low grade (4 and 8) examples went for about $90. As tempted as i was, I knew if I was patient, I would find my bargain. I did this week.


I was watching an auction on Proxibid Monday Night, and i saw they had some notes that would up on the block. I didn't get excited, because they usually go pretty high. This one, however, had a bid of $11. Not much action, I thought. I examined the note in the photos to see why it might be passed up by bidders. The note was complete, although circulated. It certainly looked better than the 4 and 8 graded examples. There were no tears, and no tape. Okay, I'll join the bidding and see where it goes. It didn't go far. I picked up this note for about $40... less than half what I'd seen at any other time.


It arrived today, and I am very happy with my purchase. Along with it, I managed to pick up 12 $1 FRN 1963B series notes. They were in 2 lots, one of 8 sequential serial numbers, and one of 4 sequential serial numbers. They looked good in the photos, and I reasoned that sequential numbers meant these had been pulled from a strap and saved. They are now in hand, and they are all crisp and unc. I was able to purchase these for a total of $14.00, which I consider another excellent buy. The 4 come from Richmond (E) and the 8 come from New York (B). In addition, I was pleased to discover they are all Barr notes (which was not apparent in the photos.)


I am attaching an image of the Black Eagle for your perusal... any comments would be appreciated. I'm thinking of sending it for grading, and would enjoy the advice of those more learned than I.


Ciao for now!



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