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Course Laid In, Captain

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... or I think I know what I'm going to do!

Journal for the week of 07/08/2012 through 07/15/2012


One week into my currency adventure, and I have added two more notes to my collection, both $1 FRNs. I also have some raw notes on the way, which I will have graded... speaking of which...


I looked at the grading costs, and was amazed that they are much higher than for coins. My certificate arrived in the mail, and I value it even more now that I know it costs $40 for a single note. Wow! I appreciate the NGC Modern Tier ($14) much more. Can't imagine that more work goes into a note than a coin, so why the huge difference? I had hoped to get several notes done, but I'd rather spend the money on already graded notes. I know I have the the $25 Economy option, but 73 day turn around? I'm too impatient to wait, and too broke to pay for the faster options. Unless I want to add a specific note to my collection, I'll most likely not be using self-grading. I feel much better with my first note purchase ($10 67EPQ) for only $30.


Anyway, I decided to start with a few sets. I'll be putting together a general set, with $1 notes from any district, as well as a set with only New York, and another exclusively Dallas. These are the two places I have called home, so have some meaning to me. I'll also see what bargains I can dig up here and there. There is a coin and currency show next week here in Dallas, and there are usually bargains to be had.


I've also noticed that this registry is much less active than the coin registry... any particular reason for that?


This week's image is the $1 FRN Dallas note.. my second acquisition.



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I'd heard of them, but never knew what they were. After your reference, I did some reading up and all I can say is Wow.. you are right. They are really works of art. I think my favorite is the $5, but I'd be proud to have any of them.... bet they cost a pretty penny, too!



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Paper money collectors are active and well. While it is true that there are more coin collectors than currency collectors, the number of currency collectors is rising. By nature, notes are much more scarcer to find in high grades. That being said, and I cannot speak for everyone,a lot of paper money collectors (or at least some) do collect in private.


Respectfully yours,



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