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Need Help With Some $1 Bills

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I acquired these over the week-end at an auction and I have no idea of the value of them but they sure look neat. I'm a coin collector and these are out of my realm any help with value condition and the like would be appreciated, Thanks, Charlie


P.S. the 1917 and the two 1923's are in very nice shape and firm, the other one is kind of limp but it's nice and I don't see any creases that I'm aware of.






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The 1896 silver certificate is called an "educational" note and often thought of as the most beautiful noted ever created by the BEP, the $1 being the most common, and the $2 and $5 increasingly more rare. Your example seems to have some staining on the front and maybe a tape residue on the back, but it still looks nice, perhaps a G to VG, though it might get a net grade based on the problems noted. The 1917 Legal Tender looks like a very nice note, perhaps a VF to XF. The last two 1923 silver certificates are very common, and they look Fine to VF, though the first one is clearly nicer. They seem like very nice pick ups, so congrats!

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Nice pickup. I came here from the Comic Book forums since that is what I collect. I recently got some coins and a dollar bill passed to me from my father.


Its a 1957 Silver certificate dollar bill. Looks like is pretty well worn and not worth more than 2$. Not nearly as pretty as your examples, they have some really nice artwork on them :)


Hey paper money guys, I'm not sure if my 1957 1$ has a star note or not ( since im not at home at the moment.) If it did and is in pretty well circulated condition, what can I expect it to be worth? ( I saw on a website the star notes may have some kind of premium)

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