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Any of these foreign bills worth anything?

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Recently I acquired a small assortment of relatively old (1940s-'60s) foreign bills:




Most are in fairly rough shape, and the value seems to be low (especially the pesos). Still, I thought I'd ask you experts if you know anything about these -- if any of them are rare or considered collectible. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there. I can't speak for the others, but here are the details for your Philippine Peso bills:


English Series

1 Peso - Pick #133f ($0.25 for VG). 45 million printed.

2 Pesos - Pick #134a ($1.50 for VG). 20 million printed.

5 Pesos - Pick #135c ($0.75 for VG). 9 million printed.


Prices are from the 15th ed. Pick/Cuhaj catalog, Print amounts from the Davis catalog. I'll keep those if I were you, those notes are part of the only English-language note series released by our Central Bank.

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