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List you favorite US notes

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Although I am a coin collector, I have an interest in paper as well. I have several low (older) mintage notes/currency and wanting to see if they would be listed. Lets say up to 5 and your reason why. In several days, I will list one and see if we have any matches.



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My favorite notes are:


1. Educational $1 Note


2. 1899 $2 Silver Certificate


3. Woodchopper note (1880-1907) $5 Legal Tender


3. 1890-1891 $1 Treasury Note (yes, I cheated and included both years-I own a 1891)


4. $10 or $20 Gold Certificate (1922 series)


5. ANY $1 or $2 1918 FRBN from any district (yes I cheated again and included both the $1 and $2 series)


Hope that helps answer your question!





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For Jeff :grin:


That's funny, I got a slip in my mailbox today that I have a package to pick up at the post office, it must be these notes that you sent me! lol


And I forgot about the poker chip, that's a beautiful note too. The sad thing is that I think I have all these notes, but Boiler's make mine seem so blah...

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I must say I really had no idea just how beautiful some of these notes are. Just how rare are some of those? Poker Chip, Morgan Back? Am looking at paper in a whole different light.


Here are several which were found in a ledger book in my safe of which the last entry was 1934. Just looking through some old stuff a viola. Just never know what one might find. Should I get the Bison encapsulated? It certainly has some wear.. Feel free to post more.







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A person may think this would be easy to answer, but I find it one of the toughest. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from that it took me a couple years just to decide what to collect (while I was buying a little of this and that). After buying some really nice notes reality finally hit; I'd never be able to complete this collection. So all my large size went to the 2008 FUN show. So what did I like and be able to afford building a complete collection, or at least come close to completing. What I settled on does not have anywhere near the eye appeal but I do like the history that goes with them; Emergency notes.


What are my favorite notes? I still can not say, but I sure like the California Gold Bank Notes, then a $5 1886 Silver Cert seems a natural to go with them.

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