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Crossover question

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I am new to currency collecting and I apologize if this question has been asked and answered a million times before on this board. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I see that at one time PMG offered a crossover service but they do not any more.


I have a $1000 bill graded VF35 PPQ by PCGS and I would like to submit to PMG.


Question: Am I better off cutting the bill out of the PCGS holder myself and submitting the raw bill to PMG, or let PMG take the bill out??







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Mint Collector -- I did see your question "Review of PCGS notes?" and the answer from PMG.


I know that I can physically send the bill in the PCGS holder or not, my question is whether practically it makes any difference in the grading.


I was interested in the opinion of the forum members that if you submit it in the holder if the PCGS grade would influence the PMG grader negatively, positively or not at all.


I saw on one of the coin boards that one collector had submitted a pretty good sample of slabbed coins to another service (mix of raw and slabbed) with the new grades received pretty consistent with the originals.



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Hello again,


Now that I am off my iPad (its hard to type on that thing), I may be able to answer your question with more 'depth.' I know in other collecting fields (comic books for example), CGC (who is also owned by the parent company of CGC), will actually have the shipping and receiving department remove any comic books from any competing grading company before a grader even sees the assigned grade of the other company. They also have to have the permission of the submitter to do this. How this relates to paper money, I don't know, however, usually, the grader never gets to see the assigned grade of another company and it is never taken into account. I hope that helps even more than my original response.





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