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Please help; general question from a 'newb'...

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Hello again,


I have a quick question regarding a PMG 63 EPG 1907 $5 note that I bought. The note looks great, but I noticed that inside the PMG holder, it looks 'wavy and a little bit wrinkled.' I checked the PMG grader information (as I am a paid member) and it just states the usual info on the note (i.e. PMG 63 EPQ).


My question is this; Is this normal, or should I be concerned? I paid about $500 for this item, so I just want to be sure! Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


I often wonder why PMG and PCGS don't use holders made out of harder plastic?

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I can't comment on your note specifically as I cannot see it but many banknotes were printed with the paper slightly wet, as the note dries after the printing process it leaves "waves" in the paper.

Natural paper wave is a sign of originality.



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I 100% agree with Bruce.


I very good example are the $1 SC's from the 1928 series. All of these notes were printed in what we call 'WET" printing.


After they dried, they produced in some cases "MASSIVE" waves in the paper. When you hold one in your hands and look at it, you can actually see the waves in the paper and you know it's 100% "ORIGINAL".

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