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After a recent discovery...getting back into currency

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Hi all......I am not a stranger to the NGC boards as I have been here for ever but my previous experience buying currency from Don Kelly was many years ago. I purchased the usual stuff back then like $5 Silver certificates from a few different series, $1899 Black eagles, 1923 Horseblanket, a few Fractional currency pieces that I still have, North African Notes so pretty common stuff. Like a lot of coin collectors I have always been fascinated with the vintage currency as the stuff circulating now days just isn't real exciting to me.


A long long time ago my grandfather collected coins but when his wife got sick he had to sell everything off to pay for nursing home expenses. As a coin collector it always saddened me that I never got to see his collection or have anything passed down through the family. A couple of years ago my dad gave me a little cachet with a $2 bill in it that was supposed to have been issued on the first day these were released (1976) and includes COA etc? It belonged to my grandfather and since my Dad knew I was a collector he thought I should have it. I knew the uncirculated bill didn't have much monetary value but of course the sentimal value is great.


I ran across this little folder a few nights ago and was looking at the note and then I decided to see if I could see the back of the note. I didn't realize that the note was in an enclosed case that could be flipped like a page of a book so you could see both sides and when I flipped the note over another $1 silver certificate from I believe the 1935 series and a $5 Silver certificate from the 1953 series were hidding behind it :acclaim: Both notes are in average circulated condition but it was still a treat to find these extra notes, and it got me thinking about picking up a few pieces of currency here and there.


Last night I was looking through the certified Notes on Ebay since these grading companies (PCGS & PMG) didn't exist when i used to collect currency but I believe CGA was around. I remember there being some talk about CGA overgraded notes but I don't know if that was or is true but since the note I bought wasn't real expensive I thought it was worth a shot. So if I can get your guys opinions on the note I purchased and just get your feelings on CGA in general it would be greatly appreciated (worship)








I am not opposed to sticking with PMG and PCGS graded notes, I just want to make sure I am not throwing money away buying CGA graded notes.

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Also the note you just bought has a large star on the back of the holder. That means it was just graded in the past few months. The company was bought out, and is now under new ownership. I agree with the 67 that they gave the note.

By the way I like your note and welcome to currency collecting

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IMO the reverse centering should be better on a 67. Also the corners should be razor sharp which I don't see in the pics. CGA is not top tier. Not just my opinion - look at price history on identically graded notes. PMG and PCGS will easily top CGA.

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See my post at




You may have a nice note, but I would get it out of CGA holder if you have plans to sell it...and also for piece of mind.


Personally, I would never buy a CGA note and have had all my previous CGA notes regraded by PMG or PCGS -- of course all came back several points lower (as expected).


I think most experienced paper money collectors can attest to my opinion.



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