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Do these have any collector value?

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It's very difficult to pull a collectable banknote from circulation these days, though it does happen.


I have one friend who received five $20 bills from an ATM with blank (unprinted) reverses. He almost turned them in for "real" money, but he called me first.


Another friend got a $5 in change at a movie theatre with upside down serial numbers and seal.


I had a pack of New York web notes that I saved for years but finally spent. That was a $1900 mistake...:lol:

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They are all star notes.


If I understand your question about "BLOCK", the plate position letters are A thru D.


I just (last couple of weeks) got into currency collectng. My experience is with coins. I'm in the process of assessing the couple of bills I have and, at the same time, learning the lingo.


When I purchased the star sheet, there was no internet, no ebay.

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I'm sorry Sponge. Let me be a little more to the point. What Block or District, meaning what does the S/N's look like?


Axxxxxxxx* - Boston

Bxxxxxxxx* - New York

Cxxxxxxxx* - Philadelphia

Dxxxxxxxx* - Cleveland

Exxxxxxxx* - Richmond

Fxxxxxxxx* - Atlanta

Gxxxxxxxx* - Chicago

Hxxxxxxxx* - St. Louis

Ixxxxxxxx* - Minneapolis

Jxxxxxxxx* - Kansas City

Kxxxxxxxx* - Dallas

Lxxxxxxxx* - San Francisco


There are 12 districts that the notes could have been printed from if they are STAR notes. Hope this helps a little more.

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