1917 United States One-Dollar Star Note

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Doing a bit of research for a friend. He has a 1917 Star Note. The serial number is:

*13632450B Its in great condition but it has 2 deep folds in it. No tears or cuts. There

is an F over the U and on the right side another F with 3157 on it.


Can someone give me an idea of what this is worth? Have added a photo. Hope this



Would appreciate anyone's help.





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Welcome :hi:


You need to scale the picture down a little next time!!

Use paint and then click image and Resize/Skew and change the verticle and horizontal by the same %. I usually do 35-50 range.


Value I would say $60-$100


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I'm sorry the photo was so big. I realized that after I sent it and then I couldn't

figure out how to delete it and make it smaller.


I appreciate your guestimate of what it cost. A friend of mine has all these old

bills and coins. I don't know anything about these kinds of things. I passed the

info along to him and of course he appreciates you taking the time to look at it

and give your opinion.


He wants to get rid of the gold coins next. I will crop them down this time but I

really do thank you for your advice.



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