Another "I Love My Bank Teller" - 1963 $2 Star Note (AU?)

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I got a call last night on my phone. The woman asked if it was Stuart, and I said yes, and she said she was the vault teller at my bank. I had given her my name and number previously. She explained that she had found a red $2 bill and asked if I was interested. She said it was from 1969. I said yes but couldn't be in 'til tomorrow. She said that it was actually her last day and that she would pass along all my information and what I was looking for, along with the $2, to the new vault teller.


So today I went into the bank and the new guy seemed really happy to actively look for old currency and new (and very old) coins for me. He has all my info. :)


And now the bill. FR #1513*. It's a 1963 red seal (the teller last night was mistaken). I would guess AU condition? It's crisp but has some light creases. No obvious dirt discoloration. Looks to me like someone raided their dad's currency collection. Based on an old price guide I have that lists VS at $10 and CU at $30 for this example, I'd guess the value at $20-25? I can supply higher resolution if folks want.



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