Are these anything special?

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Hey guys,

I was just going through some stuff and found two items I forgot about that I've owned for at least a decade.

Back in the old days working behind the counter at the movie theater when old change or bills came through I'd replace them with new ones and pocket the cool stuff. I just did that cause I thought they were pretty cool at the time....finding them ten years later I still think they are cool :)


Put I am in nooooo way a Paper Money expert. I'm a comicbook guy.

Are these any thing special other than eye candy?

Thanks :)






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The SC is a FR 1614 in about F-VF so , about $3 retail ( maybe even EF/$3.50), but still cool as a 1935 series E . It is clean looking , but has corner folds and creases .

The RS $5 is a Fr 1536 in about Vg-F so , about $12 retail , but it too has many folds/creases , is a bit discolored .



These are Small-Size Notes , legal tender notes , United States Notes as opposed to being large sized , or National bank notes , or Federal Reserve Bank Notes , or Federal Reserve Notes( the ones we use today).


SC - silver certificate

RS-Red Seal

Fr - Friedberg number(ing) system


Basically , I'm a coin guy , but I have a few notes also . I do not see any errors or mule characteristics on these .


Hope that wasn't over-kill or too much un-needed info.

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