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How to tell which Federal Reserve a bill is from?

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I am rather confused at this point about how to figure out where a bill comes from. Here is the list I found online:


Boston "A"

New York "B"

Philadelphia "C"

Cleveland "D"

Richmond "E"

Atlanta "F"

Chicago "G"

St. Louis "H"

Minneapolis "I"

Kansas City "J"

Dallas "K"

San Francisco "L"


One of my relatives gave me a bunch of star notes, which start with "DC". Starting with a D would seem to mean it is from Cleveland. However, I couldn't find any others from Cleveland with a "DC". I did find a couple on Ebay starting with DC that were listed as from Philadelphia. They seem to be going for $15 to $17 each on Ebay, or 3X face.


Can anyone explain what the double letters mean, and why this might be from Philadelphia if Philadelphia is supposed to start with letter C?


First one in my print run is "DC 00286301 *" (2003 $5 star note)

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All the notes in 2003 started with a "D" DA, DB, DC, through DL. The 2001 series started with a CA, CB, etc. Lastly, 1999 started with BA, BB, BC, etc. My 2003 PMG 68 EPQ shows DG (Chicago) and I have a DC* in the wings to be graded.



I myself thought the first letter was the district - IE: 1928 - 1995. However with the bill change w/ the 1999 series, the S/N became double letters at the beginning. Pick up a 8th ed. Small Sized guide (cheap at Amazon) - if the book was any smaller, I would keep it in my pocket at all times. You never know when you might come in to contact with an amazing circulated note.




So you have a Philly run that was not listed in the guide. It is listed in Paper Money Values and of course on Ebay. I'm sure with the 9th Ed. comes out, the DC* block will be noted.

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