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"The Armsworth Display Bill" - what is it?

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Hello All,


I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen something like this. 'The Armsworth Display Bill' is printed front and back, no denomination. I couldn't find a single reference to anything like this on Google, EBay, etc.


This has been in our family for generations, but without any record of what it is or where it came from. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!






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Hi Goldmine, thanks for your reply. I'm very happy to be here, looking through the forum pages has been very informative!


I'll try to attach a copy of the bill compared to a $1 bill. I think it's about the same size as a typical 19th century note and seems to be of that period.


Very curious about this thing!





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Here is another Armsworth bill of a different style that was on e-bay, it ended with no bids at $9.99. However it does have a pretty good sized peice missing from it.





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Wow Bugman, that's great to hear that there is another one out there somewhere! The pictures from the auction didn't come up for me, but I've reached out to the seller to see if he knows the history or any information at all about the bill.


Goldmine, sure, I appreciate any help in finding information.


Thanks to all for your help.

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I suspect I know what it is but I can't prove it.


My guess is that this is theater currency or prop money used during the performance of plays and that it was used in a theater named The Armsworth. The theater kept a supply of prop money or "display bills" on hand that could be used as needed.

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Interesting theory Conder! I can't disprove it.


But ... there's no reference anywhere on Google about an Armsworth theater. Or cash register company, for that matter. Wouldn't an operation need to be fairly large to warrant the design, etching and printing of its own fake money? My inclination is that any theater of that size would have some history written about it, somewhere.


Then again, that could be said about ANY company or organization. If it were big enough to design and print its own stage/pretend money, you'd think it would have been remembered somewhere online. And yet, the bills exist (mine and the one from ebay), without any other online mention in the 11 billion or so web pages currently indexed.


Very strange..


Thanks again for all the ideas everyone - keep 'em coming!


edit: there was a "Harmsworth" who printed a tabloid newspaper in the UK in the 19th century ...

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