Came across a 40-year old $10 today in EF Condition

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I took out $1000 in $5s to look through, returned them plus a few from my wallet to tak out $1000 in $10s, and came back with this:




(Sorry, I felt obligated to watermark it since I'm posting effectively real-size colored photos of US currency.) I also got a nice 2006 series $5 from the New York FR that's a star note.

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Oddly enough, I received a 1963/63A (don't recall which) Richmond star note in change at the gas station last week. It was a rag, but still cool to find now days. Was fortunate enough to get an EF 2003 Cleveland star note x-mas shopping this past year as well, which was an awesome find. I've often bought change at the bank to search, but never really thought about trying it with currency. Might have to give it a try!

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