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$2.00 Dollar Bills 1928 t0 2003A

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Welcome Shawn! I think most from 1976 are very common, the only exceptions might be star notes, special serial numbers (ladders, repeaters, etc.) or printing errors.

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I don't think there is any such thing as a 1976 D series $2 note. It's probably a 1976 series from the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank (represented by a D in the Federal Reserve seal.) At $3.20 it sounds like full retail price. So it isn't bad, but it isn't special either.


Most of the $2 from 1928 to date can be acquired in circulated grades fairly cheaply, and most of the post 28 series aren't too bad in Unc. The key to the group is the 1928 B series. When I got mine over 20 years ago it was $150 in VF. I don't know what it lists for today. The second highest in Vf was the 1928 A series which was about $20 at the time. In Unc I don't think any of the 28's will be really cheap but they should be doable with the possible exception of the 28 A and 28 B.

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1976 $2 (I*) is the most rare only 640,000 were minted, Holy Grail of modern $2 FRN's - $275 CHCU

1995 $2 (A* &/or F*) Milennium note(s) 9,999 were printed each - $75 CHCU

2003 $2 (I*W) 16,000 minted at Washington facility not Fort Worth - $20 CHCU

2003A $2 (F*) Atlanta 320,000 made in sheets, there are cut notes out there - $125 CHCU



These are the four that will bring you the highest value. I just got the 1976 $2 I* for $85.00 in Choice CU on ebay - it is a PMG now and I hope for a high grade.



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Some of the 1928 regular and star series can get expensive and difficult to find especially in GEM. For example, a 1928E* the following exist:


1 - Good

1 - VG

5 - Fine

3 - Very Fine

1 - XF

5 - CU

0 - GEM


(census info complements of John D.)

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