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Is there any use in pulling star notes from circulation? Do they have any value other than face? As a kid I remember saving silver certs and red seals, and looking for silver coins.

Also, what exactly are "web notes"? It seems I read something about people finding new web notes in BNR, but as more of a coin collector, I don't know what they're talking about. Any reply is helpful. THANKS.

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I think a few of us collect these, but they really don't have much resale value at the moment.


Wikipedia has a pretty good article on web notes. I suggest looking there.

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photobucket is the eaziest way to share the photos. i know there is a upload atachment on here but most use PB.


price depands on many aspects:




type of note (fed,us bank note,silver cert...)

serial numbers


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I too always pull Star notes, check catalogs and auctions BEFORE circulating them along. The 2006 $1 Star from Cleveland (D) is one example. Also, these two are not yet listed in Friedberg or Standard Catalog of US Paper Money 33rd edition.



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