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Boy do I need help on this one

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I have been collecting coins for over 35 years, dabbling in paper money about 10. We come across this bill and are totally baffled. A brief description.


In the background is imprints of 2 different silver certificates. The large green seals and the number one with the word one through it indicates early twenties. On the left side it is obvious to the naked eye that the green seal, green serial numbers, signature and other items are printed on top of the silver certificate images. Thinking it was counterfeit I took it to a bank and they verfied it is a genuine one dollar bill. I know enough about bills to know there is no way a federal reserve note could be printed over a silver certificate. Anyone on this forum have an idea of what this is or how it happened?




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If you look closer you will see that it is printed over six silver certificate images, and that those images are smaller than the size of what the real silver certificates were. The FRN was not printed over those images The images were printed over the FRN after the note left the BEP. Why? I have no idea. But I have seen more and more fake printing errors on FRN lately.

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When I looked at it under a microscope the President image at the very top almost looks like another individual other than Washington.


That is because it is not Washington. It is either Lewis or Clark from the $10.00 bison note or Grant or Lincoln from the $1.00 Black Eagle.


What's so wild is the fact some of the FRN printing appears as if it's over the images.


Look at a $1.00 note. Can you tell whether the Treasury Seal was printed before the word ONE? With the naked eye it looks like it could be either way.


The note is a post-BEP alteration. Why would someone do this?


Why would someone do this:




Or this (top one):




There is probably only one answer -- to try to fool someone into paying more money for it than it is worth.

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I have seen several of those federal reserve notes with the "misplaced Federal Reserve Bank seal"'s sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars apiece. Had someone bring one into our local coin club showing it off while he had it up on eBay. I told him it was fake, a paper money specialist in the club told him it was fake, and he sold it for over $400 as real.

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