1928A&B and 1935 silver certificate question.

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Anyone know where I could find a pricing guide for the experimental 1928A&B X-B, Y-B, Z-B block silver certificates, and/or the 1935 A---1B, B---1B, and C---1B block silver cert's? Can't find production figures for them either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, George.

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That one breaks them down with running totals. prices, and ranges. On other notes it breaks it up by mule /non mules (1928-1950 on some). and also helps with the later FW/ W notes. and prices them accordingly. Also gives you listings on limited face plates or limited printed mules ( 629 and 637s). Nice book to have around cause gives you a good sense of what might be hiding in our currency today and what gems are more likely than not being over looked.



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In terms of production figures, I just got these over the Summer:


1928A / B


X1B to X10728000B numbered between 1/23/1933 to 2/14/1933

Y1B to Y10248000B numbered between 2/1/1933 to 2/17/1933

Z1B to Z10248000B numbered between 2/6/1933 and 2/24/1933


1935 experimentals


A1B to A06180000B 3/16/1937 to 4/28/1937

B1B to B03300000B 11/26/1937 to 12/10/1937

C1B to C03300000B 12/1/1937 to 12/10/1937


Other unknown experimeantal blocks may lurk.

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