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Ive seen PCGS have grades that say Apparent Fine 12 . Does PMG have grades like that that say Apparent? I know your company lists comments on the back for splitting and rips and such. Just wondered if your company does apparent grading or something similar to it

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Very good question! Yes, PMG does have "Net Grades" which is similar to PCGS "Apparent Grades".


What is a "Net Grade"?


A "net graded" note is one which has had an adverse occurrence after it left the BEP. PMG understands that such a note can still be rare and valuable. Instead of returning it ungraded, PMG will holder and authenticate it as a "Net Graded". PMG will specifically state the reason(s) why any note is net graded. The PMG guarantee is not valid on any net graded note. Listed here are a few examples of why a note may be "net graded": tear, corner missing, repaired, re-embossed, washed, stained, ink or writing and PVC damage.

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