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HELP .... What is the typical Lay -A-Way

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Hey all


Ill ask the dealers and people who have used lay away from dealers what are the usual terms for such. In my first time through Ive seen 1/3 up front then 1/3 30 days then 1/3 60 days. Is this normal? Do they vary greatly from dealer to dealer.


If so what do you think is a fair term for a young guy on a limited budget. Like how much can I really push the limit in spending. ( like since I usually have 200 a week to play with.) How much can i really push when looking at a note to buy . Is it realistic to look at a $500 ? $1000? 2000$? how much should I and can I realistically look into?I know I have a tax refund and rebate coming in and I think Im looking to go kinda crazy with my $600 and then the 200 or so a week give or take. Please give me some intelligence from experience.



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i do alot of "payoff" type payments. the trick is to work with what you can without stressing the funds for living. i have many cars im taking payments on and i always ask for 1/3 as the down.


when i go through a dealer i make sure i know them,trust them, and that they are not taking me for ride. on some cases i ask if i can put a certin amount down and then pay for item grading. if it isnt what they are stating they usualy work with me or they will just give money back and now have a graded coin to sell.


many "dealers" will work with some1 they know and trust also. im just lucky i know the dealers here. lots of dealers i have found wont do these type of things. but i have found MOST will work something out with you cause "a sale is a sale"


what kind of buying are you thinking? singles (1-3 coins/notes) or large lot (40+ notes / coins)?

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