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The New $5

What do you think of the new $5.   

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  1. 1. What do you think of the new $5.

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I didnt mind the redesign for the 1999 series or even the for the $10 in 04A. I think they should have gone more the way of the 10 making everything Purple and putting the Microprinting they did on the big 5 into the tiny 5. That would have been really sneaky for protection and kinda cool they could squeeze a "usa 5" into a tiny green 5. Do you all think this is gonna last. or will it be phased out for something new.

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I wouldn't call it a "Big Thumbs Up," but I would not call it a disaster, either. I know that the BEP has to balance "tradition" with coming up for designs that the public would accept. Personally, I think that people should get over it and be more open minded. This way, we can honor people on great looking notes.


Last year, I decided to collect Israeli notes starting with the Bank of Israel issues from 1958 to present. Recently the Bank of Israel issued new 20 New Israeli Shekel (NIS) notes honoring Moshe Sharett, Israel's second Prime Minister and the PM who presented the Israeli flag to the UN. The note features the text of the speech Sharett gave to the UN during his presentation. While Sharett has appeared on the 20 NIS notes, this is a redesign in the second series of NIS. It's a great design.



The reverse depicts the Jewish Brigade volunteers during WW II and of a pre-State look-out tower and the text from Sharett's radio address after his return from a visit to the Jewish Brigade in Italy.



The reverse of the $2 note is a great start. But now let's update the rest of the note, add some color, and let the bills proudly represent a nation moving forward, not one stuck in its past!


Scott :hi:

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I agree with Scott (as seems to be the pattern these days) - I don't think it's a "big thumbs up," but I think it's better than the older series. But we have a LLLOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG way to go before I think our currency is respectable, and I think we need to get rid of the vending machine and paper lobbies so that we can actually do some radical re-design, change the material to something more durable (a la Australia), and go to different sizes for different denominations, as ruled by the federal judge last year (I think last year).

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