Sill confused about "lozenge printing"

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Hey, guys.


Several weeks back I posted a question asking what a "lozenge" was in reference to paper money. Well, I got many interesting replies, a couple describing sugary items of the edible variety, but I still don't really know what is meant by "lozenge printing". Just as an example, I am looking at 11th edition of World Paper Money, General Issues. on Page 1000 (serbia # 10) it lists the bill w/o lozenge printing and with lozenge printing. What's a lozenge...or what is "lozenge printing"?


Please don't tell me it is the S in the middle of Sucrets. :makepoint: :or the V on a Vicks...or the little T on Tylenol.....


Have a super evening and weekend, everyone. 6" of snow due this evening here in the RI sticks. Be well, all.



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