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Stepfather bought a bunch of older $2 bills from the bank

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(figured I'd cross post this ATS as well as here)


First off, I'm a coin guy and I don't know much of anything about currency.


So today I get a call from my stepfather who says he's at the bank where a woman has just deposited a ton of older $2 bills. Apparently, she's a recent widow and she wanted to deposit the singles and $2 bills from her late husband's 'coin collection.' Knowing that I collect coins, he waited his turn at the window and asked the teller what she planned to do with it all. The answer: "I plan to get rid of it as soon as I can - you want it?"


He calls me and says that from what he can see, the deposit consisted of $130 worth of $2 bills, dating back to the 1920s at least, some of which had red seals. The singles were just from the 1970s and "no silver certificates". I told him to go ahead and pick up the $2 bills and I'd take a look at them. I figured the singles were nothing special. At face, it's not like he can go wrong anyway.


That's where we left it - I'm supposed to go by and see the loot after we get back into town next week. Can anyone tell me what to look for, if there's anything potentially valuable, that sort of thing? Remember, I don't know much of anything about currency, so I'd appreciate anything y'all can tell me.


I'll post scans when I go over there next week, but advice is appreciated in the meantime.



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Here the bills are - sorry for the delay. I just got a look at the bills - nothing too special, but perhaps y'all can let me know if anything is of any particular value. Most of the bills were sequentially numbered 1976 series $2 bills in mint condition or whatever; these are all of the older ones.









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