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Check book full of dollar bills

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I hate to ask what seems to be a simple question, but after searching the net ( and not knowing exactly what to type in the search engine) I am wondering what this was that I saw last night. I was ringing a little girl up for her snacks and she produced what looked like a check book and inside were about 20 $1 bills all together. They were all in numerical order and in perfect condition. Aside from what looked like a pinkish/reddish adhesive that was used on the top to adhere them together they looked perfect. I asked her if I could see the book and I was baffled.


Is this something she was given as a collectable and she foolishly was spending the money, or was it just a neat gift she had recieved from somebody?


Since I'm already asking a question I'll ask another. When I go to the bank and ask for a stack of uncirculated $1's is the wrapper for the star notes white with blue banding, or is that just how somebody packed them for ebay sale?


Thank you,



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