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Some cool items from an estate ...

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This is a wierd story how all this came together. I was on AOL in a collecting room and one of the people had their fathers old collection of notes. and was looking to sell. and wanted to know if anyone was interested or wanting to help them figure out the worth before gettin taken by a dealer. . Naturally I like to help people I helped price everything for them so when they went to the local dealer theyd know what to expect. After many long months of organizing and listing what they had they went to the dealers locally see what they could get. and sure enough dealers really tried to low ball them on the collection ( even according to the green sheet.).I think like 40% of bid if that. ( I guess thats normal practice but I dont know).


In the end I told them if you wanted to sell them Id pay the Ask price on the notes . Like on the $5s and $1s and $2s and the $10. I figured it was better than what they got locally and since they dont use ebay.How else they gonna sell them. Thats where I got the slew of $1 silver certs from. I offered the 1.20 price and they are nice enough to cover over night shipping ( i didnt even ask for it). So I figure now since Im done buying the $1s and most of the $2s ( common 76's I have to buy everythign if I want to do this deal not cherry pick). And ready to move on to the $5s Id share with you guys the pictures of the $5s I will be getting over the next weeks. I hope you like the pictures. they arent the best grade pictures but still a nice sight to see I believe.


Im assuming all grades on the $5s are VF-XF The green seals Im paying i think 10 ea. ( they are the lowest SN known by i think 75 or 100 in Serial number for the district (which is a nice consec run I think.)


And the $5 1934 Blue seals are 97 in a row and i think I was being really nice and over paid just to get them at $14. If you guys think im royally stealing the notes let me know and Ill go back and offer or just pay them a bit more. I want to do right and honest by these people. They trust me cause they know little to nothing about the notes.



$5 Blue seals.


$5 1934a LA lowest known and 20 consec +3 stragglers


What are your feelings. Please comment.

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From the information and scans you provided, I beleive you are being honest and fair with them! However if you get them certified, I beleive you will see grades ranging from VF-EF maybe even AU! In which cases they will be more then you are paying! If you wish too sell let me know, I may buy some from you as I build district certified sets including Star notes!

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I recieved the first group in ( The green seal notes), and I would say they were XF grade with 2 or 3 being AU . ( from the 23 i got). Only down side is # 57 in the 21 consec was missing so that broke up the 39 -59 in order. i split them with my dealer cause i know he likes interesting items like this , but send me a PM if u like. The Blue certs I were told were in a higher grade than the green seals. so im hoping for alot more AUs in that group


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