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New to my collection

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I just managed to snag this note last night from the bay of E. Another nice looking high grade note for your viewing pleasure. I haven't had alot to post to you lately but this was too nice to pass up.



$20.00 1934C series ( New Back ) lowest known B01707021*



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Heres the other one he showed me . It took a bit of discussing a payment plan to cover this one too. But here we go again another Lowest Known note. ( I notice a trend developing)


$20 1934A BP 204 Late Finish Lowest Known ( by nearly 3 mil less than the last lowest known).


Also sometime this week Im getting in the mail low end $10 DA block 34a note . Lowest known Clevland Mule. Pictures sure to follow when that shows up.




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Thanks. I really love PMG 65 notes and above with fancy serial numbers. That is what I strive for. Its kinda expensive but I feel they have one of the highest potential for appreciation. Good luck w/your notes!! Check my registry out when you get a chance!!

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Ok. I think I finally figured it out. In this list, I have a very Superb Gem-67 $5 1934-D Wide 1 Silver Certificate with Great embossing and color. A nice 1976-J* In Gem-65EPQ. A very rare 1928-B $5 Legal Tender in Gem-65EPQ with a Binary serial number!! A 1934-C $5 Silver certificate that is the finest known. PCGS and PMG have never graded a 1934-C $5 in a higher grade than GEM-67. This is the only known Gem-68 :). I also have a 1953 $5 Silver certificate REPEATER, in GEM-65. Also very rare. A less rare, but very superb GEM 1981 $1 FRN with a fancy 2 digit ABABABAB Repeater. And last but not least, I have 2 Serial number 500 Silver Certificates in GEM 65. The notes are from consecutive series. 1935-B and 1935-C. That is all for now, Sorry about all of the re-posting, but I was trying to figure out how to post pictures. Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for looking!!




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